YourBijouxBox October 2016

yourbijouxbox-october-2016No need to tell you that YourBijouxBox is the only box that never disappointed me. This october is once again a very good box for sure ! I love every single pieces and the bonus item is completely a great idea ! So let’s discover the content together !

Ombre tortoise pendant

img_7935This pendant is very cool. You obviously have to love tassel, but I love the twist. It’s kind of very Charlestonian, so the perfect fit as I live in Charleston !


This long pendant will be the perfect match with a sweater dress and boots. Can’t wait to try this kind of outfit.

Tortoise layered bracelet

img_7932I love this bracelet ! It is a perfect mix between metallic and tortoise, the kind of piece you can wear with anything !

img_7934I’m sure I’ll wear it a lot ! It’s such an amazing piece !

Ella amber earrings

img_7929Those earrings are beautiful ! I love the brown and amber color as well as the color of the metal. That’s perfectly my style !


Spice me up / Natural shadow palette

img_7938The bonus item this month is a beautiful eyeshadow palette from City Color. This one is no more available on the brand website but anyway, I don’t care about this ! I really loved to find a makeup item in my box and it is a perfect combination with the jewelry !

img_7941This palette contains 10 beautiful eye shadows in such wonderful neutral/ shimmery shades. As a beauty blogger, I’m totally in love ! All those colors are perfect for this fall.

img_7939What do you think about this box ? I’m such in love ♥

YourBijouxBox is available as a subscription for $35/month.

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