YourBijouxBox July 2016

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You know how much I love YourBijouxBox ! Their boxes are so stunning every single time ! Their gorgeous jewelry is the perfect way to have tons of compliments ! Let me show you today the YourBijouxBox of July 2016 !

This month, there are 3 jewelry pieces, one goody and also another jewelry gift piece when you use the code Welcome ! By the way, if you are a new subscriber, you can use the code Boyfriend this month and you’ll receive a gorgeous boyfriend watch (you can see the watch in one of my previous post HERE).

To see the fabulous content of the July box, click HERE !

I’m really happy of this month’s box ! With the 4th of July, the color theme was perfectly respected with jewels in red, blue and white ! Also, the make up goody is a super great idea ! Every girl love a little make up and it is a great addition to the jewelry, a pretty good idea !

Also another important point : I loved that the bracelet has the possibility to be adjustable. I have a very small wrist and every time it is a struggle to find a bracelet to my size. This one is not the perfect size, but with the detachable part, it is close to !

Once again, my biggest crush is the necklace ! I loooove every single of the statement necklaces I got with YourBijouxBox ! I’m absolutely in love !

YourBijouxBox is available at their website by subscription. Retail price : $35


  1. Kara
    12 Juil 2016

    I never heard of that box before, but wow !! Such a nice content ! Thanks for sharing !

    • 14 Juil 2016

      @kara You can also browse the blog, I reviewed some of their past boxes !

  2. Emily
    13 Juil 2016

    Wow, such a nice box !

    • 14 Juil 2016

      @emily Yep ! Did you see this beautiful necklace ?! #inlove

  3. Kristen
    20 Juil 2016

    Nice box ! By the way, I love your blog, the design is so gorgeous !

    • 22 Juil 2016

      @kristen Thank you so much !

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