Phytomer Cryotonic Soothing leg gel

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Unfortunately for me, my work asks me to stand and walk ALL day long…so I let you imagine how I feel each day after coming back home… So I really needed something to help me erase the tiredness in my legs, and the Phytomer Cryotonic Soothing leg gel was/is the perfect companion !


What I love the most in this product is the texture. It is a very fresh gel, really pleasant on the skin and that absorbs very well and quickly. Absolutely no sensation of grease and I don’t have to wait a lot of time before putting my clothes on ! I also love the scent made of aromatic mint notes that provides a real moment of relaxation !


This product is really a life saver after my hard days. The “cryo” in the product’s name means “cool” or “cold” and represents the key ingredient of the formula : menthol (cools the skin, providing a vasoconstricting effect). Another key ingredient and the “tonic” part of the name is the Centella Asiatica, a plant extract that helps reduce swollen legs over a short term and relaunches drainage and microcirulation over time with consistent use.

This is really a perfect product for everyone in need of leg’s relief ! I’m really grateful of what it does for me !

Product available online – Retail price around $50/5 fl oz

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