Peaches & Petals – July 2016 – Dance to the music

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peaches-petals-july-2016-dance-to-the-musicPeaches & Petals – July 2016 – Dance to the music

Peaches and Petals is a monthly lifestyle box that sends “fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern” items like jewelry, accessories, lifestyle products and beauty samples. I was really excited to open my box because lifestyle boxes are even more surprising, it’s not like a beauty box where you are sure to only have beauty related products. Here, you can have really so many different stuffs that it is way harder to imagine !

Like I love unboxing video, I did one for you today, so, let’s watch the content of the Peaches & Petals – July 2016 – Dance to the music :


This box is pretty interesting ! I loved the content I discovered this month ! I had a big crush for the speakers because it is an item that is always very useful ! Also, the cooling towel is a very good idea. As I live in a warm state, I will surely use it a lot !

So, finally, let’s look at the prices of each item :

  • Speakers $39.99
  • Cooling towel $14.99
  • Temporary hair color $12.99
  • Cleansing wipes $7.99
  • Flower headband $10
  • Bracelet $10
  • Total around $96 – Price of the box $19.99 !

I’m really happy of this Peaches&Petals box ! What do you think about it ?


  1. Tamara
    27 Juil 2016

    Oh this content is so nice ! I love the headband and the speakers !

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