Peaches and Petals – September 2016 – Cuteness overload

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peaches-and-petals-september-2016-cuteness-overloadI was super excited about the Peaches and Petals of this month because of the spoiler of last month revealing the theme : Cuteness overload. I love all things cute, so I was really expecting great products !

cuteness-overloadSo, my box arrived a few days ago after some troubles in the delivery but, never mind, I got it ! When I saw the size of the box I was perplex. This is the third month for me and since, the box is smaller and smaller…

I will not let you wait too much, here is what I got in my Peaches and Petals September 2016 Cuteness overload :


  1. Mermaid socks : I know that a lot of people likes ridiculous socks, but I’m not one of them…those are completely strange and feel more like tights than socks. They are also fragile. I tried them once and I have already a white broken line in the design…
  2. Cat coin purse : This is one of my favorite item even if this is an unhappy cat, I love cats so much ! This coin purse is really well made and the flowery lining inside is very cute.
  3. Adorbs tote : I use totes every day to go to work but I’m a little disappointed about this one. Not because of the design which is really nice, but because it is very light, too light to carry all the stuff I need during a day. So, I’m gonna use it for very lightweight stuffs to be sure to not broke it !
  4. Unicorn pillow case : Another one of my favorite item this month. This pillow case is really cute, even more perfect when you are a blogger (yep, bloggers loves unicorns right !). It is already in my living room and it’s a great add on to my couch !
  5. Bonus item – Eco wrap wrap : I like the concept of this product but it is not really « cute ». This is a wrap to carry your lunch in an ecological manner. This is surely perfect for wraps, but I’m more a sandwich/bagel kind of person, so I will probably not be able to use it…

I am not a super fan of all the items of this month but I really like 2 of them. Maybe I had too many expectations about this month’s theme and was waiting for some stuffs even more cute and girly. However this box is still a good box and October’s theme is « Pumpkin spice and everything nice ». Once again, I’m so excited about it ! You said pumpkin spice? I looove it so much wink

octoberboxPeaches and Petals box is available by subscription – Retail price : $19.99

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