NewYorkColor Instant lash mascara


I bought this mascara months ago now, attracted by its very low price and also by the fact that I needed a new mascara ! Most of the time, I just need a simple mascara for everyday use, so I’m not always searching for the full volume + length + color combo !


However, I was expecting a normal but not amazing mascara but I was very surprised with this little one ! The NewYorkColor Instant lash mascara is the kind of mascara that I really like. Sure, the packaging is simple, but it is not a big deal.


The brush is very thin and maniable. It is not a specific brush like you can find sometimes in more high end products but it do the job pretty well. It catch all my lashes very easily and brings color and definition in just one coat.


Finally, I’m really happy with this product : my lashes are well defined, darker and even appears longer. Great result for a so little price, I’m totally amazed ! So, if you are searching for a nice mascara without paying an indecent price, this product is absolutely to be considered !

Available at drugstores – Retail price around $1/$1.50

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