Mellow Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lip Paint swatches


Mellow Cosmetics is a New Zealand brand that is very intriguing and I’m really happy to introduce them on the blog. Their products are bold, luxurious and chic, the kind of makeup products that every woman want to use. They have a small range for now including some eyes products and blushes, but their best sellers are their lips products !

Mellow’s Products are Designed and Tested in New Zealand and made under Licence and FDA regulations in PRC. They also are cruelty free, vegan and paraben free. However, the creamy matte lipsticks (the other big lips range) are made with mineral oils.


Today, let’s discover the wonderful Mellow Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lip Paint collection. I wanted to do a video for you to see all the colors IRL, I hope you’ll enjoy it ! Don’t hesitate to let a comment, give a thumb up and subscribe to my channel ! Also, be indulgent, I’m not a photoshopped girl like you can see on some Instagram feeds : I’m just a normal blogger with my imperfections !

Enjoy !



I really like those Matte liquid lip paint. The packaging is beautiful and the result on the lips is gorgeous. The texture is very pleasant, really liquid and surprising because really greasy on the tube, but so soft and then perfectly matte on the lips ! It is not over-drying on the lips during the day and the pigmentation is crazy good and lasts for hours ! Love them !

Products available at Mellow cosmetics website – Retail price $14 each


  1. Lark
    8 Juil 2016

    OMG those are so beautiful ! I love your vid ! I have to check this brand out ! Thanks for your review !

    • 14 Juil 2016

      @lark I was very surprised by the quality of these products ! Glad you enjoyed the review !

  2. Mary D
    9 Juil 2016

    Those colors are gorgeous ! Love them especially Barcelona !

    • 14 Juil 2016

      @mary-d Every one of these colors are beautiful ! So hard to choose !

  3. Sophia
    10 Juil 2016

    Such a nice video ! Those lipsticks seem to be soooooo nice !

    • 14 Juil 2016

      @sophia Very glad you liked the video ! And believe me, those lippies are awesome !

  4. Emily
    13 Juil 2016

    I never heard of this brand before ! Thanks for your wonderful review !

  5. Molly
    19 Juil 2016

    Wow !! Thanks for the video ! Love those colors !

    • 22 Juil 2016

      @molly Glad you enjoyed the video !

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