Kiehl’s Daily reviving and Midnight recovery concentrates

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Winter is not finish (unfortunately) and sometimes it is very hard to keep skin in a good shape during the freezing days. Also, even if a good moisturizer could be enough, sometimes the only product that can seriously helps your skin is a facial oil.

Kiehl’s Daily reviving and Midnight recovery concentrates are two facial oils that will help your skin staying healthy. I love the packaging and the pump which allows to take the good amount of product in a little time.  These two oils are also lightweight so you don’t have any impression that your skin is saturate.

Daily reviving concentrate


The Daily reviving concentrate is a revitalizing blend of different botanical oils like ginger root, sunflower and tamanu oils… This oil corrects fatigue, dullness and rough texture.

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate

I use it when the weather is cold and when I need a big moisture ! The scent is very nice and the oil is easy to apply and fast absorbed. The Daily reviving concentrate lets my skin soft, moisturized and radiant !



Midnight recovery concentrate 


The Midnight recovery concentrate is a replenish elixir of pur essential oils and distilled botanicals. This oil restores skin appearance overnight for a smoother and radiant complexion.


I use it at night before going to bed : a few drops are enought for each application. The scent is amazing (even better than the daily reviving concentrate) and so relaxing ! This oil is easy to apply and fast absorbed : the skin feels relaxed and is all restored in the morning !


Also, here is the best way to use this product for a real moment of relaxation :


Kiehl’s Daily reviving and Midnight recovery concentrates are available at Kiehl’s – Retail price $46/1fl oz


  1. 24 Fév 2016

    The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is the best thing in the entire world. I literally treasure my little bottle so much, and the fact that I am half way through it makes me so upset. It truly has changed my skin—no lie.


    • 25 Fév 2016

      @emily This product is so great ! I love such a lot of Kiehl’s products… that is insane ! Xoxo

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