Happy 6 years anniversary My Fashion World !


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Today is the day, the day of the blog’s birthday ! 6 years ago, without thinking about what I was doing, I opened the first version of My Fashion World… Blogging world was at this time smaller than now and I had no ideas about doing this activity for such a long time…

I remember the first months…my posts weren’t very detailed and I was not a specialist for applying  make up but I had a lot of pleasure doing test and discovering new products. This blogging activity which was first a simple hobby became more than that for me.

I always had a passion about writing and the blog was a good manner for me to share this love with others. Moreover, I developed a very big attraction for all things beauty, so this blog was/is a good way for me to combine these two passions !

Even after 6 years I always have a lot of fun to continue my blogging activity, however, my professional life is sometimes a big brake for my productivity…

Thank to all of you who are supporting my blog, commenting and sharing with me on social medias ! I hope you’ll always find interest in My Fashion World !



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