Got2b Mind blowing styling spray and quick shape mousse

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We are all living a crazy life sometimes and doing everything well in a such minimum amount of time is a real challenge. And when it comes to our hair, it is the same story ! We want to look good but we miss time to have wonderful hair-style. The Got2b Mind blowing styling spray and quick shape mousse are maybe the solution you were searching for months (or maybe years!).

The Mind Blowing Collection includes three products : the Mind Blowing Quick Shape Mousse, the Mind-Blowing Xpress Dry Styling Spray and the Mind-Blowing Fast Dry Hairspray. I just tried two of them but I can say that those products are made to leave your hair soft, frizz free and shiny !

Got2b Mind blowing styling spray 

Got2b Mind blowing styling spray

The X-press dry styling spray works with damp hair to expedite the drying process while protecting the hair from heat, and keeping hair from tangling while blow drying. Your hair is left shiny, sleek and smooth to the touch. Apply to towel dried hair and blow dry using a round brush for the ultimate blow out.

I do not blow dry my hair often : as you know, my hair is thick and curly, not always the more manageable ! Applying this product before using my hair dryer is a time saver ! It detangles and prevents the frizz. I also love the nice scent ! It is a good product to cut off your blow dry time !

Got2b Mind blowing quick shape mousse

Got2b Mind blowing quick shape mousse

The Quick Shape Mousse adds volume and increases shine, leaving your hair soft. Apply it to the roots of damp hair before blow drying, and watch your hair quickly shape into a glamourously voluminous style.

My curly hair are very rebel and most of the time I prefer let them do what they want and often let them air dried. However, when the weather is cooler, I use my hair dryer and using a few dab of mousse to help them is really a game changer ! With the addition of this product on my hair, I gain volume and my curls are better defined !

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  1. Brenda
    14 Juil 2016

    I’m gonna probably try the styling spray ! Thanks for this review !

  2. Cricket
    15 Juil 2016

    I’m crazy about hair care products ! Thanks for this review !

    • 18 Juil 2016

      @cricket You’re welcome !

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