Farmacy Sleep tight firming night balm

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farmacy-sleep-tight-firming-night-balmI am more and more concerned about the products I use and even if I still use conventional cosmetics, I’m really happy when I could find a more natural alternative. Today, let’s talk about Farmacy Sleep tight firming night balm. Farmacy is a brand that uses echinacea greenenvy as first ingredient, the founders cultivate the plant in upstate New York, creating jobs in their local community.

IMG_7673This night balm is very surprising. First of all the packaging is absolutely nice, one part of the box opens like a flower ! I really like the look of the jar also, its looks like a old apothecary product, vintage with a wooden lid.

IMG_7669Then, when it comes to the product, the texture is really strange. A light green gel-like that becomes smooth and oily on the skin.

IMG_7672You do not have to use a lot of product for every application. I know that some people may complain about the greasy/oily sensation of the product, but as far as I’m concern, I found that this texture is comfortable and easy to blend on the face. You feel like you gave a protective coat to your face and the scent is relaxing which is absolutely the perfect combination that everybody need before going to bed.

IMG_7671After applying the product, my skin is well rested, ready for the night ! In the morning, my skin is supple and not dehydrated. I really like this balm. Did you ever tried Farmacy’s products ?

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