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My Fashion World has been nominated for the Blogger Awards by Nickki from Keeping up with Coco who chose 5 questions that I’ll answer today, then I’ll be tagging 10 bloggers and they will have to answer the 5 questions I’ll ask !


  • Tag the blogger that nominated you!
  • Answer the questions you were given!
  • Nominate ten bloggers!
  • Create new questions for your nominees to answer!
  • Inform the bloggers you chose that they have been nominated!

Here are the five questions I was given to answer:

  • Do you have a dream event you would love to attend as a blogger? What is it and why do you want to attend ? I can’t choose just one event actually !  I’ll be thrilled to attend to the NYC Fashion Week because it’s one of the most prestigious event in the Fashion industry and I’ll be very happy to discover the new trends and see the Make up artists backstage ! Also I would really love to attend the BeautyCon and the CosmoProf because I just love to discover new brands and beauty/cosmetics are really my league !
  • What’s your favorite thing about blogging ? What I enjoy the most is the multiple « activities » that made blogging : taking pictures, discovering and testing new products, writing reviews, sharing and talking with my readers/followers and working with brands.
  • Do you have any photography tips for other bloggers ? I really do not have any tips. I have an old camera and do not use any special settings… Just, be happy with your results before publishing anything you could regret !
  • What is your favorite social media to be on and post on ? I’ll say Twitter because it is the easiest platform to share something rapidly. But I love also Instagram and Pinterest for the visual aspects !
  • Do you have a blogging bestie ? How did you meet ? I do not ! There are people I admire but I do not have the opportunity to meet a lot of bloggers IRL … Hopefully, it will maybe change ?

I nominate :

  1. Hillary – A very charmed life
  2. Emmy – Ouiemmy
  3. Elle – Ellesees
  4. Shelbey – Loveshelbey
  5. Caroline – Bikinisandbrunch
  6. Anna – Thebeautysection
  7. Michelle&Rachelle – 2classysisters
  8.  Grace – Colorandgrace
  9. Anna – Alilyloveaffair
  10. Emilee – Thesimplicityblog

Here are the questions for my nominees :

1 – What is your favorite place for you to write your blog posts (could be a city/country/special room…)?

2 – How did you choose your blog’s name ?

3 – Do you imagine your life without your blog ?

4 – What is the part of the blogging activities that you love the most and in the contrary, the things you like less ?

5 – Do your entourage (family, friends, co-workers, neighbors…) know that you have a blog/YouTube channel and what do they think about it ?


I hope you’ll like those questions and if you are not nominated, please share your answers in the comments wink


  1. Thank you SO much for the nomination, and congrats to you!
    here are my answers:
    1 – on my couch
    2 – it’s my nickname

    3 – i have, but i don’t like to

    4 – taking pics. visiting hundreds of blogs a day to comment

    5 – yes, i told them after two or three years

    • Thanks Elle, but you have to answer to the questions in a blog post on your blog actually ;-)
      Send me the link when it will be posted ;-)
      Have a great day !


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